SPOKANE, Wash. --- Most of us have heard of scams involving prepaid cards, but some people continue to fall victim to them.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office thinks people buying prepaid cards at the store should be warned about the scam.

Scammers use all kinds of stories to con you into giving them money. KREM 2 spoke with one woman who got scammed out of $1,900 to a con-artist posing as a law enforcement officer.

The woman asked to remain anonymous, but said she got a call from a man who told her she missed jury duty and would be thrown in jail unless she bought prepaid cards and gave them to him.

"I feel so embarrassed and ridiculous for having fallen into it because I thought I was fairly intelligent, but they know which buttons to push,” the scam victim said.

KREM 2 reached out to several businesses including Yoke’s Fresh Market to find out if employees are notified of scams like this and if they could do anything to prevent other people from becoming the next victim.

Yoke’s Fresh Market said they do train their employees to be wary when someone buys a lot of prepaid cards.

The victim in this instance, bought her prepaid cards at Rite Aid. She said if one of the employees had mentioned something about the prepaid card scams she might not have gotten tricked into giving the man her money.

“If the fella would've said you know this could be a scam, there's scams using those cards you know, I maybe would've stopped in my tracks,” said the scam victim.

Yoke’s Fresh Market said they are going to put up some type of sign in their store, next to their prepaid cards, to keep people from becoming the next victim.