SPOKANE, Wash. – A former local marijuana businessman is suspected of illegally growing and distributing marijuana.

Spokane County detectives are investigating 42-year-old, Eric R. Buchanan, a former marijuana business owner for illegally growing and distributing marijuana after a detective gained a search warrant to search Buchanan’s home and found several clues of an illegal grow operation.

On December 13, 2016 Spokane County patrol deputies responded to the report of a woman who had barricaded herself in her room because she felt someone in the home was going to hurt her. Once deputies arrived, the woman let them into the residence and they conducted a protective sweep of the home.

During the sweep of the home, deputies located several drying marijuana plants, dried marijuana buds, and leaves and stems in various stages of processing inside the garage. The deputies then secured the location and requested detective assistance.

Once the deputy arrived and was granted a search warrant to search the home, he found several signs that led him to believe that there was an illegal grow and distribution operation. The detective recognized the garage as the marijuana processing room with several pounds of harvested marijuana, marijuana shake, marijuana plants on drying lines and the floor, drying racks, packaging containers, labels, and empty dirt pots.

More marijuana was located throughout the home, including a grow operation in the spare bedroom on the main floor of the home. The detective was unable to locate any marijuana related licenses posted at the residence and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board confirmed the Buchanan did not have any licenses.

The detective also located and seized $20,000 from the home, which was secreted in a wall above Buchanan’s washer and dryer in the master bedroom closet. The detective also called the bank in which he believed Buchanan used for banking and found that Buchanan had four different accounts linked to his name. Three of the accounts were listed as businesses.

The detective believes that the accounts provide evidence that Buchanan was also illegally distributing the marijuana because all of the deposits were whole, round numbers, typical of illegal drug activity.

The Spokane County Police Department believes that the information obtained during the search of Buchanan’s premises is enough the support charges set forth on Buchanan for illegal drug activity.