SPOKANE, Wash. --- Trevor Primeau appeared before a judge Monday afternoon after being charged with possession of stolen property and possession of a stolen substance.

This is not his first brush with the law; in fact, Primeau could be considered a career criminal. He has had 15 prior convictions, and seven of those are felonies.

Each time he has been arrested, Primeau has spent very little time in jail. When he is released, he seems to almost immediately go back to his old habits.

Primeau even admitted to a police officer when KREM 2 initially did a story on him that stealing is what he does.

“One conversation I had with him he actually admitted to me that his problem is he likes to steal people's stuff and that old habits are hard to break,” the officer said at the time.

Court documents said this time around, Primeau stole items out of a car parked outside a woman's home in Peaceful Valley.

KREM 2 spoke to the victim in this case. When she discovered this was not the first time police had arrested Primeau for stealing, she was frustrated and shocked he is allowed to continue committing crimes.

Officers told KREM 2 it is frustrating to arrest the same person over and over, but until the laws change there is nothing they can do but keep arresting him.