Warning: This story is graphic in nature and can be considered disturbing for some readers.

SPOKANE, Wash. --- A Spokane father faces two charges of first degree child abuse after he allegedly broke her ribs and shook her several times.

The 2-month-old baby is still alive but has life-altering injuries. Prosecutors charged her father, Sebastian Smith, 20, with one count of first degree child assault (great bodily harm) and one count of first degree child assault (previous pattern).

Police were called to the home of Smith on Aug. 28 because their 2-month-old was not breathing. When officers questioned the child's parents, they said their explanations for the child's injuries just did not add up.

Court documents show the baby had injuries all throughout her body. Medical experts told officials they believe she will likely suffer from seizures for the rest of her life as a result of her injuries and is potentially blind and possibly deaf as well.

Court documents revealed Friday that Smith admitted to breaking his daughter’s leg 10 days before police were called to his home. He told detectives he had tripped on the baby and stepped down heavily onto her leg. He also admitted to breaking her ribs.

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Smith also admitted to violently shaking the baby when he was tired and she would not stop crying.

The court documents show Smith admitted the baby stopped crying right after being shaken, and had a “strange, non-focused look in her eye” and “squealed a high-pitched scream.”

Another detective had Smith write an apology letter to his 2-month-old daughter, in which he wrote the following:

“I shook you. Hard enough to cause bleeding behind your eyes, apparently. At the time, it didn’t mean much, other than I really need to learn better parenting skills…I was frustrated and lacked the necessary skills to cope with your inconsolable crying.”

Smith is currently being held in Spokane County Jail on $100,000 bond. He made his first court appearance Friday.