COLBERT, Wash. – Court documents obtained by KREM 2 on Friday revealed what happened during a standoff that left one man dead and Spokane County Sheriff’s Sergeant in the hospital.

A Spokane County Sherriff’s SWAT team leader was shot in the shoulder and wounded during that incident in Colbert Monday night. The standoff started at a home on E. Colbert Road and N. Leslie Lane.

Only deputies responded to the home in Colbert initially to arrest Dean Bellamy for several charges related to domestic violence.

According to court documents, deputies used a loud speaker asking Bellamy to come out of the home and Bellamy opened the garage door and yelled, "Do you have a search warrant?" several times before going back inside.

Bellamy was arrested for domestic violence six times in the past including an incident where a firearm was involved so the SWAT team and hostage negotiators were called to the home, according to court documents.

Negotiators called Bellamy on the phone several times but court documents say he was hostile and made a statement that, "will rip our throats out," referring to police.

The SWAT Team says Bellamy then went inside and started shooting at the SWAT Team from the master bedroom, court documents said.

One deputy said he saw Bellamy stick his arm out with a gun in his hand.

According to court documents, a deputy then fired back with his sniper rifle and the deputy said he fired at the wall near Bellamy's location.

There was then a barrage of gunfire possibly from other members of the SWAT Team, according to court docs.

During the exchange of gunfire SWAT Team Leader Sgt. H.J. Whapeles was shot in the shoulder and the bullet traveled into his back area, documents said.

Whapeles ran back to the Bearcat armored vehicle and was able to crawl inside where he was immediately given first aid before being taken to the hospital. He was released from the hospital on Wednesday. He is resting at home with his family and expected to make a full recovery.

Bellamy was later found dead inside the home. The Medical Examiner determined it was a result of a gunshot wound to the head, though they were not sure it if was self-inflicted or the result of the gunfire exchange with deputies inside.

The deputies who returned fire during the standoff were identified at Deputy Rob Cunningham, Detective Mike McNees, Corporal Jeff Welton, Deputy Jason Petrini and Deputy David Totman.