SPOKANE, Wash. --- A DNA test from a convicted felon recently showed up as a match to a previously unidentified suspect DNA sample from two sexual assault cases in 2008 and 2009.

Spokane Valley PD said in a release Garry L. Davis, recently pleaded guilty to trying to take pictures of a 17-year-old victim from under a bathroom wall separating two stalls at Greenacres Park.

As a convicted sex offender, he was required to submit a DNA sample to the CODIS database, where it matched to the two cases.

"We continually work cases that we're able to hopefully find some type of resolution for the victim," said Deputy Mark Gregory with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

The 2008 case happened on Dec. 10 at an apartment on Houk Road. SVPD said the adult female victim awoke to a man dressed in black fondling her. The victim’s boyfriend who was sleeping next to her woke up and chased the suspect out of the apartment. The suspect, police said, knocked over their Christmas tree and coffee table in his escape. The next morning, they found blood on a new tarp covering the barbeque next to the path where the suspect ran away, SVPD said.

The 2009 case happened to an adult female victim walking near Pines and 4th in the Spokane Valley. She was talking on her phone when a man approached her and asked if she needed help. The victim hung up on her friend to let them know she was in trouble and the friend, at a Denny’s a few blocks away, called right back.

“The suspect told the victim he would kill her and the person calling if she answered the phone,” the release from SVPD said. “The victim secretly pressed the answer button while continuing to hold the phone in her hand enabling her friend to hear the victim say ‘No. Leave me alone. Stop!’ and then scream before the call was disconnected.”

The victim ended up in a field nearby with the suspect lying on top of her, SVPD said. She was able to fight off her attacker before her friend arrived. Her sweatshirt had the blood of her attacker on it, but until recently did not have any matches.

Tuesday, two detectives arrested Davis at a home on Long Road in Spokane Valley. He was interviewed and admitted to committing the 2008 and 2009 incidents, as well as to entering other homes over the past few years.

He has been charged with attempted rape in the second degree, unlawful imprisonment and two counts of indecent liberties (forcible compulsion). In 2016 he pleaded guilty to the voyeurism charge for the Greenacres Park bathroom incident.