SPOKANE, Wash.— Court documents revealed one of the suspects believed to be connected with the kidnapping and assault of 21-year-old Donavan Duncan was initially investigated for homicide.

Court documents showed 20-year-old Franklin Smith contacted his niece and aunt on Facebook Messenger telling them that he had killed somebody.

Smith’s aunt, Samantha Cummins, told authorities Smith said that he and a friend kidnapped the suspect, tied him up, and kicked him to death, according to court documents.

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Spokane County Sheriff's Office asked for help from the public on Wednesday morning to help locate Duncan for a welfare check. He was located, alive, Wednesday afternoon after tips from the public.

Officials said Cummins reported Smith to the Pend Oreille County Sheriff’s Office for a possible homicide.

Court documents said Smith and his friend found the suspect, tied up his feet and hands and drove him to a dam by Minnehaha Park where they “kicked his face into the next life.” Reports also said Smith took gasoline and burned the victim’s van before kicking him to death.

Law enforcement reported Smith was arrested Tuesday afternoon. Smith's bond was set Wednesday at $250,000.