NEWBERG, Ore. – A Newberg woman’s video of a woman taking a pet cat from outside of her home is going viral.

Elizabeth Sides posted the video on Facebook Monday afternoon and pleaded for help identifying the woman.

Sides rents the property from Marli Lintner.

Lintner says Sevi is her cat, and she's had her for about four years. She says Sides takes care of Sevi. Both women say they do not recognize the woman in the video.

"We just want our baby girl back. I can't stop crying," Sides wrote.

"“I’ve seen the video over and over again and I’m still stunned. I can’t understand why someone would come and steal my cat,” Lintner said.

She has a message for the woman who took the cat.

"Maybe you thought that she's just a barn cat. But she's not. She's very well taken care of. She's really well loved. Everybody, even the horses, miss her," said Lintner.

The video shows a woman pull up to Sides’ home in a dark four-door sedan, grab the cat from the front yard (seen at the 1-minute mark), put her in the car and drive away. Watch the video

Sevi disappeared last Thursday, Sides said. She thought a coyote snatched the cat and she turned to her surveillance video for closure. She was shocked by what she found.

"Who does that? It gave me hope that she wasn't attacked, but she needs to be home," said Sides. "What this woman did was wrong. Sevi doesn't know anything but this area. This is her world. It was wrong of her to take her."

The video has thousands of shares and has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office says it's investigating the case, and will look to enhance the video, to see if someone can recognize the woman.

Sides said she filed a report. Anyone with information should call the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office.