SPOKANE, Wash. — Court Documents state a woman told Spokane police she was assaulted by all four members of Polish band Decapitated after a concert in downtown Spokane on August 31.

The four band members, Michal Lysejko, 27, Waclaw Kieltyka, 35, Rafal Piotrowski, 31 and Hubert Wiecek, 30, were arrested after a concert in Santa Ana, California Saturday on charges of First Degree Kidnapping.

According to court documents, the victim and her friend told police they attended a concert at The Pin on 412 Sprague Avenue. When the concert was over, the two tried to get a picture with the drummer from another band. The women said afterwards, they were talking with members from the band Decapitated.

Court documents state members of Decapitated invited the two women to their tour bus.

The victim told Spokane deputies she was excited to be on the bus and one of the band members began grabbing her breasts. According to court documents, the victim stated “the ‘vibe’ in the bus changed and one of the members began looking at them like they were prey.”

The victim said she signaled at her friend they needed to get out of the tour bus. Court documents state the victim then went to the bathroom and was followed by the band’s lead singer.

Court documents state it was in the bathroom where the victim says she was sexually assaulted by each member of the band. Reports show after an unknown amount of time, she was allowed to leave the bus.

Once off the bus, the victim states she attempted calls to family members and then called the police. A Spokane Police officer responded to the call and said he checked the area for the tour bus. Reports said the band already left Spokane for their next venue.

The victim was transported to Holy Family Hospital where she underwent a sexual assault examination.

Deputies stated the victim had “significant bruising to her upper arms consistent with being restrained” and “small abrasions on her knuckles that were scabbed over.”

Spokane Police contacted Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office for help after determining the band Decapitated was having a concert in the area. Court documents state LA County Sheriff’s detectives assisted detectives from the Special Victims Bureau, contacted and conducted interviews regarding the investigation.

Reports show some of the band members admitted to a party on the bus where the two women were present. Band member Kieltyka told detectives he saw both Piotrowski and Wiecek engaging in sexual acts with the victim in the bathroom. According to court documents, Kieltyka agreed to have a DNA swab collected as evidence.

According to court documents, probable cause exists to charge each band member with first degree kidnapping with the intent to facilitate the commission of a felony, rape.

All four band members are being held in a Los Angeles County jail facing extradition to Spokane.