TACOMA — An 88-year-old man was hospitalized last Wednesday, Oct. 12 after allegedly being assaulted in a road rage incident in Tacoma.

The elderly man, called Richard, suffered a bruised jaw, a cut above his lip and a minor concussion.

"I'm just appalled," said Anne Klein, Richard's daughter.

While heading west on Tacoma Ave. around 1 p.m., Richard apparently pulled out in front of another car. When he stopped behind a UPS truck, a vehicle pulled up beside him with a woman yelling and accusing him of almost causing an accident.

As Richard tried to understand what she was talking about, the driver of the vehicle got out the car and approached Richard.

"My dad just thought he wanted to have a conversation with him so he rolls his window down and just gets punched in the face,” Klein said.

The driver of the other vehicle suddenly got back in the car and drove off.

Richard then took off in his car, turned right onto North 3rd and crashed his vehicle. Instead of sticking around, he kept going until stopping behind a fire truck blocking an intersection.

Here’s where things got tricky.

Richard has no recollection of what happened after being assaulted. In fact, he was in shock after a police officer helped him out of the car to examine the damage done to the front end.

"Her dad was sitting in a completely demolished car at the stop sign bleeding from his face,” said Martha Mendenhall, a neighbor. “And his face was all swollen up and bruised and he had cuts, and he was bleeding and obviously something had happened.”

Richard did not remember wrecking it.

According to the man, the person who assaulted him was an African American male between 20 and 30-years-old.

The family is waiting on a police report.

"He's very well-known and liked in this neighborhood and there's a lot of people that are really upset about this,” Klein said.