BROOMFIELD, Colorado --- A Broomfield man and World War II veteran celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend surrounded by friends and family and of course, plenty of cake.

Victor Nelson was born Oct. 1, 1916 and has made a few friends along the way.

"He never met a stranger," his daughter-in-law Ruth Nelson said.

After 100 years, he's seen a few things too: Sliced bread in 1928 and the first Super Bowl in 1967.

"I got married on $9.60 a week. And I bought (my wife) a ring, $25," he said.

Things were a lot different back then, but one thing is the same.

"I've still have this up here, my memory. Still got it," said Nelson as he tapped his finger on his temple.

A baker and chef by trade, he was drafted into the U.S. Merchant Marines during World War II. Even though he was assigned to the engine room, he often helped the ship's chef make rolls for the crew. On the captain's birthday during the war, Nelson made something special.

"I made him a birthday cake," he said.

Which is why when it came to his birthday, Nelson was in charge.

"We gotta cut the cake now," he told the group after they sang Happy Birthday.

Even after a century, there are things he still wants to do.

"If I decide to skydive, are you gonna come out and watch me come down?" Nelson asked.

Skydiving isn't something his doctor is too keen on. He want to keep Nelson as healthy as possible.

"I've only had him for five years so he's responsible for all the other 95," Dr. Vince Bilello said.

When asked how he's stayed so young, he attributes it to home-cooked meals.

"We didn't eat all that junk food you guys eat," he said.

But one thing he won't go without: Pecan pie.

Nelson still has his driver's license and it's good until 2019. He said he's hung up his keys for his safety and everyone else’s.

"I'm gonna stick around for a while," he said.