A rare solar eclipse coming up in August will require special glasses to see safely, so libraries across the country are giving away free pairs leading up to the big spectacle.

People should not look directly at the sun without the special eyewear as it could burn right through their corneas. To protect your eyes, the Moore Foundation is providing about 2 million pairs of the special glasses to over 4,000 libraries across the country.

The solar eclipse will take place August 21.

Here is where you can get a pair in the Inland Northwest:

  • Spokane County Library District
  • Spokane Public Library
  • Whitman County Rural Library District, St. John Branch
  • Whitman County Library
  • Community Library Network at Hayden
  • Coeur d’Alene Public Library
  • Kellogg Public Library
  • East Bonner County Public Library

For a complete list of participating libraries, click here.