SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. --- One gym in Spokane is taking a different approach to working out, by incorporating a type of equipment that resembles a jungle gym.

When you initially see the “Queenax” at Specialty Training in Spokane Valley, you might feel like you are back in elementary school getting ready to master the monkey bars.

“The current trend of obstacle course training has also helped open people’s eyes to trying new activities and the “Jungle Gym” feel and appearance of the Queenax has helped with that,” said Darin Rell, President of Specialty Training.

The equipment takes up less space in the gym and allows many people to use the equipment at the same time.

"In short, it is essentially a form of training where straps and bars are used to vary different levels of body weight resistance. Whether an individual is a beginner or an advanced athlete, the Queenax can quickly modify to each person’s needs,” commented Rell.

The equipment is relatively expensive, close to $20,000 for the model at Specialty Training. It is manufactured in Italy, shipped to North Carolina, and then to a home location in Seattle.

So whether you are a professional cross fitter, or someone looking to get back in the gym, this type of equipment might just bring out your inner kid, and help you get in shape at the same time.