Idaho --- When an Idaho football star was left wheelchair bound after an accident, it took away his ability to do some of his favorite things.

The accident happened during a high school football game. Boone Bartlome was left with paralysis throughout his body.

"Wrong place wrong time, all of a sudden life changed,” said Bartlome.

"End of the season one of last games just ended up, I was going to make a block and tripped,” Bartlome added.

Bartlome was also worried that he would no longer be able to go hunting.

"Hunting season rolled around and I was like we have to figure something out,” Bartlome said.

Thankfully, the Northwest Sportsman Club stepped in to help.

"Our club Northwest Sports Club has donated a track chair to a recently disabled 19-year-old hunter,” said Northwest Sports spokesperson, Jamie McCarthy.

The club raised $16,000 for Bartlome's new wheelchair.

The new chair will allow him to take on tough terrain in the wilderness when he is hunting.

"It is an incredible experience every time you go and to be able to do that again and go out with no worries. It is just a huge blessing and relief for my family and me and I just cannot wait to get it out there,” commented Bartlome.