SPOKANE, Wash. – Indaba Coffee Roasters is expanding to a third location with an added twist come September.

Owner Bobby Enslow opened his first location of Indaba Coffee in West Central in 2009. Since then, Enslow opened a downtown location and now has plans to develop a location off North Nettleton Street near Olmsted Park in Kendall Yards.

“I’m super pumped. It’s going to be across the street from the park and the trail, so it will be really family friendly,” said Enslow.

Enslow said the new shop will feature a pop-up donut shop called “Hello Sugar” inside. There will a walk-up window for on-the-go customers, an outdoor patio and large garage doors that can open to the shop during warmer weather.

“It will be a really friendly, easy place for people to meet up and come off the trail,” said Enslow.

Community and economic development was Enslow’s original intention with opening Indaba. As he puts it, Enslow “lives, works and plays” in the West Central area, near his first location. Now, he wants to bring the same communal focus to the upcoming Kendall Yards location.

The new shop will also expand the coffee company’s roasting capabilities. Indaba currently has a two-pound roaster which means the coffee shop is roasting around the clock. They will be upgrading to a 20-pound roaster in the new location due to such high demand.

Enslow said the new location was originally set to open in July, but will now be open in September.