SPOKANE, Wash. – The Wise family mourns the loss of 4-year-old Hayden after he drowned in the Spokane River Tuesday.

Hayden was with his mother and brother at the Downriver Disc course when he fell into the river. His mother told officials “she turned around for a second, when she looked back he was gone.”

After a quick search, the family called the police who were quickly on scene for a water rescue. Rescue crews said they took to the river in kayaks looking for Hayden. After a short search, Hayden was located half a mile down the river from the course and pulled out of the water.

Spokane fire officials said he had no pulse and was not breathing when he was rescued, but medics still performed CPR and transported him to Sacred Heart hospital where he later died.

Hayden’s grandfather, Dwane Oliver, said the grief is unimaginable. He said Hayden will be especially missed at the family farm at Loon Lake, a place he loved to play and get dirty.

“I have never lost a child or a grandchild or anything it’s hard to know what to do next,” said Oliver.

The family said their next step is beginning to heal.

“What else can we you do but go on?” said Oliver.