From an early age, triplets Abby, Gabby, Riley and their older sister Isabella loved to play music.

"They come up with this idea that they wanted to write a song and see if we can bring in some money that way and we said well let's try it," said Steve Keen, their father.

Two years ago, after forming the band, The Runaway Hamsters, they turned their love for music into something much bigger.

"Our friend had brain cancer, and we decided to help donate money to the children's hospital and give CDs to the people," said Isabella Keen, the group's drummer and lead singer. "Our motto is we help friends."

"It just makes us happy that we help other people make them feel better," said Gabby Keen.

So to help, they wrote a song, sold their CDs, then donated the money to St. Luke's Children's Hospital.

"They sold a lot of them, I honestly thought maybe they'll make a few hundred dollars," said Steve.

They didn't just make a few hundreds, it was more like a couple thousand.

"We thought we were just making a little cd and this would be a cool keepsake," said Steve. "They'd make a little money and they'd have something that they remember that they'd done."

"We want to help other people make their lives better and make them happy," said Gabby.

Their music isn't just played in Treasure Valley homes, their tunes have spread across the country and the list of agencies they donate to has grown. Now, they're junior ambassadors at a children's hospital in Los Angeles.

"We know that our songs make people feel better and make them in a better mood," said Gabby.

"You want your kids to realize happy things but you want them to understand struggles too," said Steve.

After fundraising and donating it to the children's hospital, other people made generous donations as well.

"They're realizing this is contagious and if you do it, it catches on with other people and it's pretty amazing," said Steve. "You want them to grow and learn but you hope that they don't just do that for themselves that they want to help other people too. The kids really do it's in their heart now."

The Runaway Hamsters are continuing their fundraising efforts and just released a new album called "A Little Country". If you want to buy album, you can download it on iTunes and Amazon, or on their website .