SPOKANE, Wash. --- The City of Spokane is testing out what they call a “snow boot.”

It’s a piece of equipment that keeps plows from pushing snow onto sidewalks and into driveways.

The snow boot is a sort of arm that the plow driver can move up and down. It allows them to hold the snow and release it when they get past a driveway.

It’s not a new concept; in fact, Spokane crews used them nearly 30 years ago, but got rid of them because they kept breaking.

Plus, the boot doubles the time it takes to plow the city.

“It takes twice as long so that means the people at the end of the plow aren’t going to get there as soon as we usually would,” explained Mark Serbousek, the director of Spokane’s Street Department. “So they’re going to have to wait days before we would if we went to full boot system in the city.”

Serbousek said they are still evaluating the snow boot to see if it makes sense to get more, but the Mayor David Condon and City Council will make the final decision.

For now, the City of Spokane is asking for residents to be patient with them and remember to move their cars to the even numbered side of the street so plows have more space to get through.

Come Jan. 1, residents will need to move their cars to the odd numbered side of the street because 2017 is an odd numbered year.

Spokane County officials confirmed they are considering adapting similar technology if it is successful for the city.