SPOKANE, WASH.-- The City of Spokane launched a new pilot program with its downtown parking meters, and wants Spokane resident's input.

Meters located on Jefferson Street (between the railroad viaduct and Second Avenue), and Second Avenue (between Madison and Adams) may see the two hour cap associated lifted, opting instead for meters that allow drivers to pay for four hours or more. The city said it is even considering all day meters in some spots.

The city said it chose these spots for the pilot program because it businesses and citizens in the area expressed interest in different meter options. It was also seeing lower parking numbers at the meters, and wanted to see if longer options would attract more drivers.

The city is going to be monitoring these spots, as well as accepting public comment on the subject. If the pilot program goes well, and is well-received by the public, the city will consider lifting the cap on more parking meters downtown.

There are possible pros and cons to the proposed changes. It could allow for citizens to spend more time at downtown local businesses, boosting commerce The con, however, is it may also result in less rotation of cars downtown, preventing drivers from finding open spots.

KREM 2 conducted a Facebook Live video to see what some of our viewers thought of the proposed changes, and the responses were overwhelmingly in favor.

If you would like to weigh in on the matter, you can do so on the city's website.