SPOKANE, Wash. – The City of Spokane approved the construction of two large buildings to be constructed at the YWCA property on West Broadway Avenue overlooking the Spokane Falls.

The $60 million project will be called The Falls and will feature 126 apartments, 26 condos as well as a few shops in the two buildings. There will be more than 200,000 square feet of residential space in the new complex, and it will include three levels of underground parking.

Mark Star, the owner of nearby David’s Pizza, will become neighbors with the new development.

“It’s great to see another building get occupied, another property that has been vacant get taken care of” he said. “We are excited about it.

Others were less excited about it.

“I am concerned about more gentrification and pushing more people who are low income and medium income out of Spokane or out of downtown,” Brianna Chesser said.

Before the City of Spokane approved The Falls, the public had the opportunity to voice their concerns. City officials said Thursday no one testified and no letters or comments of concern were sent in either.

Because the new development is on the Spokane River, the project’s developer, LB Stone, had to go through a checklist of environmental codes and propose a habitat management plan, which was approved.

The two-acre design will create new public places to view the river and falls from a series of terraces and plazas. Access to the existing trail will remain open, including the pathway north of Anthony’s.

The Falls still must go through a series of design and permit approvals before it can start construction in early 2018.