SPOKANE, Wash --- The design team for the Pavilion at Riverfront Park recommends not putting a cover on it, because it will limit what can be done to the pavilion in the future.

"Imagine some sort of cultural element that you could literally climb on up to a platform and actually feel like you’re off the ground and in the air a bit. And from there you'd have these amazing views. That's entirely doable and there's a lot of design to be done and figuring out how it would work into budgets. So if you cover it, the idea of getting high to get views out would be moot," said landscape designer Guy Michaelsen.

Based on their research, a cover on the pavilion was not meant to be permanent, and making it permanent would create concern over the structural stability said the Spokane Park Board.

Not all people want the plan to change though.

"Removing that I think exposes it to elements that people are going to want to go to…such as inclement weather. SO I would encourage you to stick to the plan. I think people need a chance to catch up a little bit because this is rather an abrupt change of direction and at minimum we need time to hear people's voices on this," said Spokane resident, Ted Teske.

The recommendation to keep the pavilion uncovered is not in response to being over budget as the project is still within its budget. The Park Board decided to table the resolution and revisit it another time after they listen to all the sides of this debate.