SPOKANE, Wash. --- The City of Spokane is pondering the fate of the antique amusement park rides that used to have a home at Riverfront Park.

Many of the rides, like the Spider, the Dragon Coaster, The Sizzler, The Red Baron, the tour train and the “SR 2,” are in storage, awaiting their fate.

The City of Spokane’s master plan for Riverfront Park does not include the rides because of their deteriorating value. Nine years ago, the rides were appraised at $350,000. A few weeks ago, they were appraised again at $155,000.

“So obviously, we’ve lost half their value in over nine years and the value will continue to decline just as the wear and tear will continue to show their age,” said Jon Moog, the Riverfront Park director.

Moog said they are considering selling the rides and investing the money in something else.

“We’re making other provisions to have future rides at Riverfront Park such as portable carnival, or use proceeds from the sale of these rides as capital investment in possibly a large Ferris Wheel or other family type rides in the park,” Moog said.

The Riverfront Park Committee will hold a meeting on May 8 with the City Park Board to discuss what to do with the rides. The soonest the City Park Board could act would be May 11.

The existing carrousel, which is currently under construction will remain at Riverfront Park, along with the famous “sky ride.”