HOUSTON - One local store employee refused to be a victim when an armed robber walked into his store Thursday night.

The gunman walked into Smoke Alley on Westheimer with a pistol pulled and pointed right at the clerk named Raleigh.

"What went through my head was, 'I got one of those too.'" said Raleigh.

Four surveillance cameras caught what happened next: A shootout between the clerk and the suspect who eventually ducked to avoid getting hit, dashed out of the store and then rolled over a curb.

"That's when I came up here to clear the front. But because I don't have my license to carry, castle doctrine that's only going to apply to that door right there." said Raleigh.

Police didn't catch the robber but the clerk who defended himself is catching kudos on his YouTube channel.

The surveillance footage was posted online and has more than 20,000 views on Facebook and more than 200,000 on YouTube.

One viewer wrote, "I love how he still has his Marlboro in his hand when shooting."

"A lot of people online thought (the cigarette) was lit, it wasn't lit." Raleigh said.

He said the strangest thing was when the robber's cousins stopped by the shop 11 days later.

"I thought things were about to go down again. And it was not the case, they were just explaining to me." said Raleigh.

He said the suspect's cousins explained the robber was a 15-year-old runaway from San Antonio who left that night with a bullet in his shoulder.

Raleigh says he hopes the kid "chooses another career path because he sucks at the one he picked."

Raleigh said he started carrying a gun after someone else robbed him last year.