SPOKANE, Wash. --- Shasta Groene is pleading with lawmakers to pass a “one strike and you are out” law against sex offenders. Groene is using the Change.org website to get support for the law change.

KREM 2 looked into the mission of Change.org and how it has helped other people. Change.org is truly an example of the power of social media. The website said they have over 100 million users worldwide.

The website has been operating for almost a decade. The website has become a “go-to” site for anyone wanting to set up a petition.

People state their goal on the website and lets the website know what type of people they are trying to reach.

For Groene’s petition, she is trying to reach Idaho Governor Butch Otter and Senator Mike Crapo.

Once someone reaches their signature goals, Change.org will send that petition directly to the decision maker that was listed on that particular petition.

There is currently no data to suggest how successful the website has been. However, some notable cases have been featured on the website.

Back in 2012, following the death of Trayvon Martin, Change.org featured a petition calling for the prosecution of George Zimmerman. The petition eventually got more than 2 million signatures.

Whether the Change.org petition helped in that case or not, Zimmerman was eventually arrested and charged with Martin’s death.

In a much lighter instance, a man once used Change.org to try and get his favorite character reinstated on the TV show Family Guy. After he got 30,000 signatures, producers agreed to reintroduce that character back into the show.

Shasta’s petition deals with an issue way more important than a character on a TV show.

Currently, Shasta’s petition has racked up more than 4,000 signatures. Her goal is to get 5,000 signatures. Shasta started her petition on Monday morning, which means she is getting at least 180 signatures an hour.