SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. --- KREM 2 talked with Bo Kirk’s sister after a man was arrested in connection with his murder.

"Today has probably been one of the hardest days,” Kirk’s sister, Claudia Jackson said on Saturday.

The family said they felt some relief after they learned the man police believe is responsible for their brother’s murder was arrested.

Jackson said it is really starting to sink in that she is not going to see her little brother again.

"I can't think about my brother with first the tears coming but then I end up laughing. I end up smiling because every memory I have of him, that's what it was,” Jackson said.

Jackson added, her brother’s smile and energy was infectious. She said when he was not at work or out golfing, he was spending time with his family.

"Everyone says 'oh this person was so great' but he really was,” Jackson commented.

Kirk’s family is left with many unanswered questions related to his death.

"Why? Why? Did you target him because of what he was wearing? Did you target him because you thought he had money?” asked Jackson.

Jackson hopes to find out one day why her brother was killed, but she said the answer to that question will not make the hurt go away.

"I think something like this you don't fully heal. I think you just learn how to deal with the pain. You learn to deal with the loss, it's always going to be there. I pick up my cell phone and go to text him and he's not there,” added Jackson.