BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Officer Joseph Mansfield went beyond the duck call of duty Thursday morning.

We'll let the description of his heroics provided via the department's Facebook page speak for itself:

Officer Mansfield was finishing up his graveyard shift this morning patrolling South Beaverton looking for anything out of place. While driving on SW Teal near SW Murray, he spotted a hazard in the roadway.

It is important to make sure that the roads in Beaverton are safe for the motoring public.
With this in mind Officer Mansfield decided to do his best to clear this hazard from the roadway.

He exited his patrol car and approached the hazard, a momma duck and four of her cute little ducklings. Officer Mansfield explained to the momma duck that it was not safe to be on the road and that they really needed to use the crosswalk.

The momma duck agreed and began to lead her family to the sidewalk. This was when the trouble began, two of the ducklings were busy looking at the awesome police car and were not paying attention to where they were going.

They fell through a storm grate into the storm drain with a splash. You could hear their quacks for help, and the momma duck was quacking directions to them.

At this point, it went from a simple escort to a swift water rescue.

Officer Mansfield jumped into action and pulled the storm grate from its frame to reach the ducklings.

Realizing that his arms were not long enough to reach the victims, he descended into the dark and damp storm drain not knowing what to expect, but he had a mission.

He was able to reach the two ducklings and lift them to the safety of the sidewalk. Once the family was reunited they watched, and possibly laughed as he extricated himself from the storm drain. That is if ducks can actually laugh.