SPOKANE, Wash. – Avista Utilities announced it will send 18 crew members and 15 vehicles to assist in infrastructure restoration efforts after Hurricane Irma.

The three groups left Avista this morning and will spend the next four to five days driving to Georgia, where their work will begin later this week.

Avista's Vice President of Operations, Heather Rosentrater, said "We're proud to play a role in this mutual assistance effort, and are committed to helping restore power to those impacted by Hurricane Irma as quickly and safely as we can."

The 15 vehicles getting them to Georgia will travel 2,400 miles as part of Avista's Western Region Mutual Assistance Program. It was the same program that brought relief to Eastern Washington in 2015 after severe wind storms.

Rosentrater mentioned the past efforts proving the relief to Eastern Washington, saying "Now we have the opportunity to extend this same support."

Once in Georgia they'll join many other utility companies from around the U.S. all lending a helping hand.

No return date has been announced yet.