AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash --- There is a dilemma faced by some people in Airway Heights. Many people are still refusing to drink tap water, despite being told that it is safe to do so. When it comes to local businesses they have opted to use the city’s water.

Area businesses were hit hard by the water advisory. Small business owners said they had a whole set of new challenges. In the first few days of the water crisis businesses were not able to take advantage of the free water distribution, so owners had to foot the bill for the water they served and used for cooking. Soon, they were able to get free water, but then they had to find places to store the bottled water and recycle the bottles and packaging. On top of those new challenges some businesses struggled with staffing to go pick up the water from the water distribution location.

So when city officials announced the water was safe to drink it was a relief for those running restaurants and coffee stands. They purged their water system and prepared to once again turn on the taps for their daily needs.

We spoke with representatives from several restaurants and coffee stands in Airway Heights. Here are the businesses we have confirmed are back on city water.


On Alert Caffeine Station

Jacob’s Java

KFC (Sunset Hwy)

Zips (Sunset Hwy)

Dominoes (Sunset Hwy)

Jimmy John’s (Sunset Hwy)

Panda Express (Sunset Hwy)

Atilano’s (Sunset Hwy)

We spoke with customers of some of these places. Customers said they were not worried about the water and they wanted to continue to support area businesses.