It’s a case of a double identity…or at least, a shared name.

The internet, it’s safe to say, took a liking to Ken Bone, an undecided voter from Illinois, during the debate Sunday night.

Bone donned a bright red sweater for the debate and captured the hearts of Americans across the country when he asked a question.

Of course, there’s another Ken Bone that folks in the Pacific Northwest may be familiar with…the one who used to coach the Washington State basketball team and just happened to watch the presidential debate last night.

“I received a number of text messages before Kenneth was finished speaking. And there were a number of pictures and videos included. There were a lot of guys having fun with it,” said the basketball coach Bone in the Seattle Times. “ Some were like, ‘I didn’t realize you moved to St. Louis.’ Or, ‘I was wondering what you were doing now.’ But 90 percent of them were, ‘Boy, I thought you were taller than that. You sure have put on a lot of weight. Is that a toupee? You look really cool with the mustache. Didn’t know you had glasses now.’ … Some of those were just from the same guy. It went on and on and on.”

A few people on Twitter even mentioned the basketball coach during and after the debate.

Ken Bone served as the Cougars' head coach from 2009-14 and most recently was associate head coach at Montana from 2014-16, according to the Associated Press. The Seattle Times is reporting he will work for Gonzaga basketball this season, though KREM 2 has been unable to independently confirm that.

“He’s representing the name well; I’m proud of him,” Bone told the Seattle Times.