The lesson of the day in Jenica Valdivia's second-grade class at Brier Elementary Friday was our National Anthem.

While some were just learning the words, others, like Max Ferrer, were in a class of their own.

At just eight years old, Max is already winning awards for singing what is widely considered one of the toughest songs of all time to sing.

"The hardest part of the song to sing is 'o'er the land of the free' because it's really high," said Max.

Max recently beat out 16 other singers, all of them older than him, for the right to sing the anthem at the 4th of July festivities in Edmonds this year.

"I felt very surprised because I'm the littlest one," said the spritely second grader.

Max has been singing since he was three, mostly Disney tunes.

He hopes winning the National Anthem contest is the first step toward a much bigger stage.

"I really want to sing it for the Seahawks or the Mariners because they're my favorite sports teams," he said. "I think it would be very scary and also pretty exciting to sing in front of my favorite players."