SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- A man faces second degree assault charges after allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend with a baseball bat in a Spokane Valley home.

Court records show the victim’s son called 911 after the incident and stated his mother had been beaten with a baseball bat and needed help. He told dispatchers there was blood everywhere and “seemed unable” to give exact information about what exactly took place.

The boy eventually told dispatch his mother had been beaten by her ex-boyfriend, who ran away after the attack, according to court documents.

When emergency responders got to the scene, they found the victim inside the home. She was reportedly barely able to communicate and had significant head trauma.

A deputy said she had an extremely swollen right eye and an indentation of the upper left forehead, according to court documents. She was bleeding profusely and exhibited symptoms consistent with severe head trauma, she said.

While cleaning out the home, officials noticed signs someone had attempted to give first aid to the victim. She was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital for treatment.

The 10-year-old was able to identify 31-year-old Sonny Cannella as his mother’s ex-boyfriend, and the person responsible for her injuries.

Officers located Cannella in an alleyway behind the residence laying on the ground, and took him into custody. Cannella said he had been drinking, had taken medication and ingested nicotine oil for electronic cigarettes, per court documents. He was transported to Deaconess Medical Center, by ambulance, for examination.

A detective interviewed the victim, who told them Cannella is her ex-boyfriend and she had tried to make him leave and return his key to her house. She told the detective they had been living together for the past two weeks, and she had texted him that their relationship was over.

On the day of the incident, the victim said she was talking on the phone with her brother when Cannella took her phone away and slammed her head into the counter. She said he had “curb-stomped” her and she blacked out until she was in the hospital.

The son said he heard his mother get hit and believed she had been struck with a baseball bat.

The victim was treated for two days at Sacred Heart before being released. According to court documents, someone the victim knows as Cannella’s cousin told her he feared for her life, because he had talked to Cannella on the night of the assault. He said during the conversation that he “needed to finish the job,” according to the report.

The victim said she believes Cannella may have been trying to kill her. Officials issued a search warrant for information believed to be on the four cell phones found at the scene on Tuesday.

As of Wednesday night, Cannella was listed as an inmate in the Spokane County Jail. He was charged with second degree assault, and being held on $60,000 bond.