SPOKANE, Wash. - Greater Spokane Incorporated sent off their proposal to Amazon Wednesday afternoon, just ahead of the October 19 deadline.

The business group is trying to sell the retail giant on coming to Spokane. Amazon plans to invest $5 billion into its new headquarters and create as many as 50,000 high paying new jobs.

Greater Spokane Incorporated perfected its pitch over the last couple of weeks. Todd Mielke, CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated said his employees have clocked countless hours collecting data, letters of support and checking every box they could off the list of Amazon’s preferences.

According to their proposal request, Amazon is looking for a metropolitan area with more than one million people, a stable and friendly business environment and a place with urban and suburban locations that would attract those in technical fields.

Mielke said about 20 different organizations and entities contributed to the proposal.

Some of the information they collected included data on work force, diversity and college graduation rates.

They suggested five viable locations for Amazon headquarters, two locations in Spokane Valley, two in the west plains and one in North Spokane.

Meilke said they are hoping they will land a visit from Amazon’s business leaders.

The announcement for the new location is expected to happen sometime in 2018.