For those who procrastinated their taxes, we have some last minute filing tips.

You have to have something in to the IRS by Tuesday.

Ideally you should have your tax returns filed by Tuesday and a refund coming your way, but if that is not the case then you need to file for an extension on Tuesday instead.

You can file for an extension for free here.

The IRS is expecting about 13 million Americans to file for an extension.

Filing for an extension does not get you off the hook for paying on time.

The extension will push the deadline for filing taxes back to October 16, but you still have to have your payment to the IRS by Tuesday.

If you filed Tuesday but do not have the money to pay in full, the IRS says you should still file today and you should still pay whatever you can.

If you do not make any payments then you could be slapped with the failure to file penalty, which could add up to what you already owe the IRS.

You can read more information about Tax Day here.