No. Not that type of donut but quite simply the best donut money can buy that can benefit your body for the years to come. In my continued quest to save you time and money, today's wallet winner is an everyday essential.

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The average individual sits for 15 hours per day. That office chair you have just isn't cutting it and we're constantly forced into positions that negatively impact our posture, productivity and abs.

The Black Mountain Therapeutic Donut seat cushion sits on top of any office chair, desk chair, car seat, tailgating, plane seat, movie theater seat or wheelchair. It's designed for pressure relief on your tailbone or coccyx, strengthening your core and even improving abs.

"This cushion can benefit any person of any age. You'll immediately experience relief and the ab factor is a bonus," says local doctor of physical therapy Brandy Golden.

"This takes pressure off of the lower back. Yes it's ideal if you go on the gym and you start working out, but this is a great way to start because if you sit up tall, it's going to work your abs," says Dr. Derek of Alessi Fit.

- Immediate lower back relief
- Trains your body and encourages better posture
- High density memory foam is extremely comfortable
- Ideal for work, home and travel
- Improves core, abs and posture
- Lifetime warranty
- Removable cover is machine washable

$17 Off Therapeutic Donut Desk Seat Pillow + Lifetime Warranty + Free Shipping
Was: $40.00
Now: $22.99

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