Get it? "Hands down" ... a better way to type, communicate and triple your productivity. In my continued quest to save you more cash than anyone else in the country, I have another high tech winner.

Have you ever tried to compose a four paragraph email on a smartphone? How about perfecting a presentation on a tiny tablet screen? No matter how amazing of a touch typist you happen to be, a portable keyboard can greatly enhance your productivity.

In 100% of our tests, every single student, professional and senior was 3 - 5X faster with today's tech steal in hand.

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Your best bargain today is foldable, highly portable and easily syncs with virtually any Android or Apple smartphone and tablet. Features include:

- Supports IOS, Windows and Android
- Built-in battery lasts at least 3 years
- Four hour charge gets you 5+ days of use or 180 days of standby
- Aluminum alloy shell with stand provides high stability
- Extremely compact yet delivers 85% of the typing space of a traditional keyboard
- Set up took us 20 seconds!
- Top rated product at lowest recorded price

$32 Off iEGrow Bluetooth Smartphone & Tablet Keyboard + Free Shipping
Was: $69.99
Now: $36.99
***Watch our full review and unboxing right here!

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