The Seattle Office of Cable Communications confirmed Tuesday it's investigating complaints about CenturyLink, the cable phone and internet provider that holds naming rights to the Seattle Seahawks' home field.

Seattle spokesperson Megan Coppersmith acknowledged the city has received a number of complaints from CenturyLink customers.

A search of the consumer complaint database at Washington Attorney General's Office turned up 1,552 complaints about CenturyLink since 2013.

Coppersmith said the city will be meeting with CenturyLink Wednesday about billing issues and service concerns.

KING 5 learned about the trouble from a viewer who complained he was charged shipping fees for a modem already in his possession and struggled to take advantage of the company's advertised $29.95 monthly service plan.

Anh Nguyen said the company failed to clarify the offer only applied to paperless accounts with automatic billing.

Nguyen said even when he attempted to sign up for automatic electronic billing, CenturyLink made it difficult to do so forcing him to pay roughly 30 percent more than he had agreed to in monthly fees.

"We are meeting with CenturyLink representatives to discuss the specific measures they are taking to resolve this problem," Coppersmith said in a statement. "We are also working with CenturyLink on behalf of customers, who have complained to our office, to ensure that their complaints are resolved to their satisfaction."

CenturyLink acknowledged the issues customers have been experiencing in a statement.

"Some of our customers have experienced customer service and billing challenges. We take these concerns seriously and have implemented process and system improvements designed to resolve their concerns. We are working diligently to identify immediate changes, as well as other changes that will require a few months to implement. We're fully committed to resolving these issues as quickly as possible in order to ensure a high-quality experience for our customers," said Sue Anderson, vice president of operations in Washington.

If you are a CenturyLink user having trouble you can email Consumer Reporter Danielle Leigh at

You can also file a complaint with the city of Seattle, the Washington Attorney General and the FCC.