SPOKANE, Wash. -- A new restaurant specializing in comfort food is making magic happen in Spokane.

Biscuit Wizard opened on July 27 in the Saranac Commons Building in Downtown Spokane. The idea for the restaurant was to present high quality comfort food, free of GMOs. The menu obviously features biscuits, from your traditional biscuits and gravy to a biscuit sandwich called The Big Le Biscuit, inspired by the movie “The Big Lebowski,” served with bacon and white Russian gravy.

They use all local ingredients. Kitchen Manager David Palmieri said they get their biscuits from the Common Crumb Bakery and they get their meat from Sante Restaurant and Charcuterie. They even get the hops they use in their gravy from Black Label Brewery nearby.

Palmieri said they are striving to make fast, efficient food for Spokane. He said customers have really enjoyed their prices and they are working to add burgers and sandwiches to the menu to satisfy the hunger of a late night crowd.