SPOKANE, Wash.—A new tasting room in Kendall Yards feels like homecoming for its owners.

Maryhill Winery owner, Craig Leuthold said the idea to bring Maryhill Winery to Spokane came after he and his wife were at a Christmas party and he saw a new building going up in Kendall Yards across the street.

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then I decided to just go for it,” said Leuthold.

Leuthold said he and his wife opened Maryhill Winery in the Columbia River Gorge in 2001, and since then have wanted to expand their wine reach.

Leuthold said Spokane was the perfect location because he and his wife Vicki are Spokane natives.

“Spokane has really blossomed. Kendall Yards is so vibrant,” said Leuthold.

The two said they were very excited to bring their wines to Spokane.

“Thinking about it gives me chills. It’s like coming home,” said Leuthold.

The tasting room is set to open in November.