HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Surveillance video shows thieves smashing their way into the Pet City Pet Store and stealing half a dozen puppies worth thousands of dollars each.

The crooks used crowbars and sledgehammers to break into the business on Bammel Westfield road. Two men are seen in the video going to the back of the store and opening the kennels.

One suspect used a sledgehammer to break a glass case. They took two French bulldogs and four English bulldogs.

The animals sell for $3,500 to 5,000 each.

"How dare they break into our store and take these helpless puppies," said store owner Sheri Stack.

Stack is worried for the animal's safety. She says these particular bulldogs need special care and could die if they overheat.

"They are not an easy dog to maintain," said Stack. "They are one of the hardest breeds to own and one of the most expensive breeds to own."

Stack and her husband are offering a reward for the safe return of the dogs -- $800 per puppy, no questions asked.

"We'll do anything, we just want our puppies back," she said.

Pet City can be reached at (281) 587-2336.