SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane’s beer scene has grown in recent years and many local breweries are gaining national attention.

One brewery, Perry Street Brewing, recently won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. PSB was the only Spokane brewery to take home the gold.

About 3,800 beers from nearly 1,000 breweries from across the United States were entered into the competition.

“It’s a truly blind-tasted event, so even tiny little breweries like us can have a shot at competing,” said Ben Lukes, owner of PSB.

PSB won the award for their Session IPL.

“I think what’s unique about that beer is that it’s a hoppy lager, which you don’t see many of those out there,” said Lukes.

Lukes said bringing home the gold will bring attention to the city’s growing beer scene.

“We’ve got a lot of breweries starting up here, a lot of good people doing some awesome things and anytime you can bring some notoriety to the city and the region it just helps everybody out,” said Lukes.

The Session IPL has been a seasonal beer, but Lukes said the brewery will now offer the beer year-round.