SPOKANE, Wash --- It is that time of year where spiders seem to be invading your home.

Several pest control sources said the best thing to do is clean your home regularly. You should vacuum, dust and clean away cobwebs often. This will make your home less inviting to spiders and insects. It will also keep them from making your home into their home.

People are encouraged to regularly use pesticides or take pest control measures. Doing this will remove the food source for spiders and other insects. A natural way to do this is spray a white vinegar and water mixture around your kitchen and entrances where bugs might get in. Mint and orange peels are also a great spider repellant because they give off an odor that spiders are highly sensitive to.

Experts said you should also make sure your home is sealed properly. They recommend you check all door openings and window sills to make sure there is not enough room for bugs to fit through. If you find a few openings, you can apply caulk or weather stripping to do the trick.

Experts said if you at least cut off the food sources and make it difficult for spiders to build a home, you will be able to keep them out of your home more effectively.

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