During the holiday season, sometimes it's people with the tiniest of things that give the biggest of thanks.

That's something that was made evident by the people who currently live in Denver's first tiny homes village for previously homeless people at 38th Avenue and Walnut Street. The community shared its first Thanksgiving together this week.

For some of the residents like Silla Wolf, the holiday was a first in a long time for them to celebrate in their own home.

"[I'm] thankful for a roof over my head," Wolf said.

She described the celebration and feast as joyful as she remembered eating turkey, ham with pineapple and her favorite -- pumpkin pie.

"A lady brought a home-baked, scratch-made pumpkin pie," Wolf described as a huge smile spread across her face. "It was so good."

His experience this year was much different than holidays in the past. He said they always consisted of "homeless Thanksgiving feasts."

Even though Thanksgiving was fun, Wolf said she and her neighbors are already ready for Christmas.

"If I had Christmas lights for this Christmas, I would so decorate my porch," Wolf told a few of his neighbors. "This will be my first Christmas at home, my new home -- at my home!"

Silla and her neighbors have only about two more months living where they are now. In January, the tiny homes village will move elsewhere but organizers haven't announced a new location just yet.