SPOKANE, Wash.—A Post Falls veteran's family received an unexpected act of kindness from law enforcement after an unexpected death.

The family of 70-year-old Bill McRory said detectives and officers with the Post Falls Police Department bought an American flag with their own money to drape over McRory's body as he was taken to the funeral home.

McRory's son, Christ Richey said his father's service meant a lot to him and he was proud to serve his county.

"It meant so much to us, it really warmed our hearts seeing him come out with that flag on his body and they saluted him when they brought him out and it meant a lot to me and my sisters and all of our family,” said Richey.

Post Falls Police Chief, Scot Haug said after he heard what his department did, he wanted to make sure it could be done for other families.

Members of the Post Falls Police Department set up a Go Fund Me to collect money so they could purchase more flags for service members.

“What we are hoping is that we can do this for our community but then it takes on a life of its own or other communities as well and they get this idea and if we can do something to get this going, even in the Pacific Northwest would be great,” said Chief Haug.

So far the Go Fund Me has raised nearly $1,800 in donations.