Whataburger employees sure went the extra mile for one loyal customer's birthday this year.

Twitter user, @_emcarr says her grandfather, Ed Johnson goes an El Paso Whataburger for breakfast every single day.

"He's been going to Whataburger forever, but just in the past year is when he started going everyday," Carr says.

She says Johnson really started going in the past year because his wife passed away and he wanted to get out of the house and make some friends.

Employees at his local chain decided to do something special knowing his birthday was approaching. They surprised him with balloons and cake on his special day.

From photos posted on Twitter, you can see grandpa grinning from ear-to-ear with joy.

Social media has erupted with people gushing over this story.

"I'm still in shock at all that's been happening since she put this event on Twitter," Johnson said.

Happy belated birthday, Mr. Ed Johnson!

Whataburger's main account even tweeted to sent their best wishes.