SPOKANE, Wash. – A local restaurant is giving back to the community by helping an older man in need.

Clinkerdagger, which has been in the Spokane community for 43 years, found Chip Bruce with the help of Meals on Wheels.

“When we met him, he had a pretty instant connection with Debbie [the general manager] and I,” explained Victoria Zoldy. “He lit up instantly.”

Ever since that day, Clinkerdagger has been delivering Bruce some of their delicious dishes.

"We learned that Chip loves Clinkerdagger's pea salad, and today they gave us some to bring over to him,” laughed KREM 2's Amanda Roley on Friday. “We'll see what he says.”

"It really is the best!" Bruce exclaimed upon their arrival.

After visiting him a few times, the Clinkerdagger staff noticed his wheelchair ramp was not very stable and decided to build him a new one.

“I know we have some handy people we work with here. so sure enough our team member Rob said I can do that easy,” explained Zoldy. “So he went over and built it from scratch."

Bruce is now considered a member of the Clinkerdagger family, and it seems he considers them part of his.

“There's a picture up there underneath my grandson,” Bruce said, pointing at his mantle. “It's of all those people up there at Clinkerdagger who sent a beautiful birthday card and every one had signed it for me. Just amazing people. Loving, compassionate, gentle and kind people."