The first coveted Copper River Salmon of the season has arrived in Seattle.

Chef Robert Spaulding of Elliott's Oyster House served the first fish to diners Thursday evening. But the big event was Friday morning when Alaska Airlines delivered 22,000 pounds of the fish from Cordova, Alaska.

The fish from Alaska’s Copper River Delta is considered a delicacy as it contains some of the highest fat content you can find, therefore making it tastier. The fish are shipped soon after they are pulled from the water to eagerly awaiting restaurants and customers. Copper River Salmon can go for $60 per pound or more.

Following the ceremonial arrival of the first Copper River Salmon, three of Seattle's top executive chefs - Stuart Lane of Spinasse/Artusi, John Sundstrom of Lark, and David Yeo with Wild Ginger - will compete for the best salmon recipe in the annual "Copper Chef Cook-off."

If you get your hands on some prized Copper River Salmon, here are a few recipes to put your culinary skills to work.