On summer nights, Seattleites like to get outside. Seattle's Department of Transportation is trying to encourage just that.

SDOT is currently undergoing a pilot project to allow for "fence free" dining.

With more people flocking outdoors, Scott Staples, owner of Feed Co. in the Central District, wanted more than burgers, bacon and beer. He wanted a piece of the sidewalk.

"It's the first thing I thought of and contacted SDOT," said Staples.

He put in the formal application, which was granted, to be one of 13 restaurants to sell beer or wine on the sidewalk without a partition. SDOT fully acknowledges it's a concept that has worked successfully in other cities across the country.

"The State Liquor Control board was asked to relook at their fencing requirement for a cafe. They saw we had a really good cafe program and was willing to change their rules for the fence-free option," said SDOT Public Space Manager Angela Steel. "It's an opportunity to show that we can do what other cities do."

SDOT says it's also an extension of their "streatery" concept, which allows restaurants or cafes to build a separate dining area in a parking area. There have only been five applications to do that.
This does not involve any real construction and simply allows businesses to place a few tables and chairs outside adjacent to their restaurant. SDOT requires a pavement marker and six feet of space for pedestrians to pass through on the sidewalk. Stand alone bars can not be part of the program.

But SDOT hopes it's successful enough that it can gain full approval and expansion in 2018.

"I think in the last three of years, we've gone from a traditional way of dining to adopt what California and Oregon have done," said Staples. "This has been a natural, easy way to set people up and let people relax."

Fence Free Sidewalk Cafes

Heyday Burgers, 1372 31st Ave S

Marination, 2000 6th Ave

Ikiiki Sushi, 12 Boston St

Feed & Co Burgers, 1190 24th Ave

Amber, 2214 1st Ave

Preserve and Gather, 358 NW 85th St

Absinthe, 2400 1st Ave

Suika, 611 E Pine St

Pagliacci Pizza, 4901 Rainier Ave S

Black Bottle, 2600 1st Ave

Green Lake Alehouse, 7900 E Green Lake Drive N

Union Saloon, 3645 Wallingford Ave N

La Carta de Oaxaca, 5431 Ballard Ave NW

Big Mario's, 4350 Leary Way NW

Lost Lake, 1505 10th Ave (not installed yet)

Baja Bistro, 2414 Beacon Ave s


Lost Lake, 1505 10th Ave

Jude’s Old Town, 9254 57th Ave S

Mamnoon, 1508 Melrose Ave

Montana Bar, 1506 E Olive Way

Some Random Bar, 2604 1st Ave

Ballard Republic Streatery, 5135 Ballard Ave NW (under review)

Bramling Cross, 5205 Ballard Ave NW (under review)

Julia’s, 300 Broadway (under review)

Prost, 7311 Greenwood Ave N (under review)