SPOKANE, Wash --- Pig Out in the Park runs from August 30 to September 4, and KREM 2’s Danamarie McNicholl talked to a health coach about finding healthier alternatives to the fried macaroni and cheese at this event.

Pig Out in the Park is known for sugary treats, fried food and even a Krispy Kreme burger. Healthy options are harder to find. So, KREM brought in health coach Sabrina Gonder to sift through all the junk food for some more nutritional food.

“We got your fried rice, and if something is gluten free that is usually an option, you have the teriyaki and BBQ beef kabob. So, those are some healthier options,” said Gonder.

She made sure to let us know the grilled mac and cheese sandwich is not ideal for a healthy snack (surprise!).

“It’s a lot of carbohydrates and a lot of sauce, so maybe go with the half size. If we stopped at 80 percent full that way we would feel a lot better,” said Gonder.

The steak or chicken kabob are good options, and but the veggie kabob is still healthier. Gonder said it is still ok to pig out though.

“If you are going to enjoy something, I tell people to indulge. Don’t feel like you are cheated or you are bad or have shame around it, just truly enjoy it,” said Gonder.

If you are looking for a healthier dessert, the Berry Ka-Bob has you covered.

“You got the fruit bowl so you can avoid the added sugar completely but if you want a little bit of sugar you have food combining where you have strawberries and chocolate,” said Gonder.

For more information about Pig Out in the Park, go here.