SPOKANE, Wash. — Four local and two regional artists are hoping to share a unique experience with the community.

A new show called "The Feels" exists at the Chase Gallery underneath city hall, and it's guaranteed to make you feel something.

However, the idea came from a group of kids.

"They had a group of school kids come in the gallery and they were saying 'oh don't touch, don't touch!'" said local artist Eva Silverstone.

Then they thought, what if you could touch art?

It was an idea that was new to Silverstone, but still, her pieces were chosen for the show.

"Encapsulated in this little thing are a lot of places and people and times in my life," she said describing her piece made out of different fabrics. "This was a favorite shirt of mine, a sweater from my mom, that little piece is some yarn from the first sweater I ever knitted."

The idea of art you could touch was exciting to artists who have created pieces all their lives.

"It feels good, it's sort of meditative to do hand stitching," said Silverstone. "Inside here there are some ball bearings and they --- they are not sewn into place so you can kind of push then around and move them," she said while touching her art.

For Silverstone, art had to take a bit of a step back to accommodate her full-time job at the library and as a mother.

However, with "The Feels" she was able to change that.

"This was something I was able to crumple up in a little ball, shove in my purse, and I keep a little sewing kit in my purse, and I can work on it at a soccer game or at lunch," said Silverstone.

She is happy to have art back in her life, but also grateful that it will stand with some other great pieces.

"I feel really proud to have my art here," she said. "Art is a valuable thing and it can be useful to many kinds of people."

The exhibit officially opened on Friday and will be available at the Chase Gallery for the next three months.

Anyone is welcome to come feel the art during city hall hours.