If you didn’t microwave “five lettuces” and “four ranch dresses” for Thanksgiving, then you did it wrong.

At least, that’s according to a class at Summersville Grade School in Vt. Vernon, Illinois.

A teacher there has her kindergarten students create a Thanksgiving cookbook. Her daughter tweeted photos of the recipes the kids shared, and to call them epic would be an understatement.

They went viral … rightfully.

You can read some of the recipes here:

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— Macy Hollenkamp (@mhkamp) November 21, 2017

Can't see the recipes? Click here:

Here are some of the highlights: http://bit.ly/2zz31ln

Harper’s Corn

20 regular corns
33 regular seeds

“Well this is how I make corn. It’s kinda dangerous and kinda yucky! So ya put logs in a pile and you burn it up in a fire. Then, you get a person to help you. You cook the corn with roast beef on a stove thing on fire. The seeds go on the corn now. When the fire is out you can eat it!”

Jayden’s Carrots

10 carrots
18 minutes of flour

“Cut the carrots with a knife and put them in a pan. Cook them on the stove for 100 minutes. Add the flour. Mix it all up with a big spoon. Then it will be done!! No one is going to eat them. No one likes carrots. We want mac and cheese!”

Tyler’s Chicken

12 packages of chicken NOT SPICY!

“Cook it at home in the microwave for I would say about a minute. Put ranch and hot sauce on it. I say that would be it. Just eat it!”

Macy Hollenkamp, the teacher’s daughter, shared some of the 2016 recipes too. They’re equally great (but in this case, it didn’t go as viral).